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on April 2011
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Missing functions on VAIO laptop with Win 7

After installation of Windows7 Professional on my VAIO laptop VGN-FE21M, following  functions have become disabled:
- screen brightness control (Fn-F5,F6)
- buttons S1 and S2
- mousepad control (it works but can not be adjusted)
- graphical display on screen of Volume control (+ and - button)

I have Windows 7 Professional (SP1) installed in a new separate partition, leaving the original Win XP partition intact (dual boot system).
The laptop was bought originally in 2004 with an OEM Win XP version installed with the functions, mentioned above, working correctly.
These functions can be configured with program "VAIO Control  Center" in XP!
Under W7 I don't see this control program anylonger.
I am very devoted to this laptop which I will not replace by a new one.
Hopefully there is a solution for the omissions. In various discussion panels I have seen "solutions". But they seem rather complicated and are not always described in enough detail.

Laptop details:

- VAIO model:  VGN-FE21M
- Phoenix BIOS LTD  R0110J3 ; 21-4-2006
- WinXP SP3 and  Win7 Professional SP1 (dual bootable)
- 2 GB memory
I look forward to a new era with my VAIO laptop where I can be proud of again.

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Missing functions on VAIO laptop with Win 7

Go to the above and download the relevant drivers for your laptop

These will allow the relevant shortcut buttons to operate

Each driver has a description of what it does when you click on the download link but i think the ones relevant to your issue are

Under Vista Utilities tab:

Sony Shared Library

Sony Utils DLL

Vaio Control Centre

Vaio Edit Components

Under Drivers tab:

Alps Pointing Driver

Alternatively go to the Originally Installed tab on the same site and download the two zip files which have all the relevant application/drivers for you pc

I did the same for my FE41M by clean installing Win7 and took some time to locate all the drivers but once i did it works a treat and is real fast. The main problems i had were identifying 64bit drivers for the memory card slot and webcam

Good luck, if you get stuck post here again

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Missing functions on VAIO laptop with Win 7


Thank you for your detailed info. I got all the files downloaded and installed, but.... Still no success.

Is there a certain order in which these drivers, utilities and the like have to be installed?

Only once I saw the brightness bar on the VAIO display after I selected Fn/F5,6 (brightness control). It did not control the brightness however. I cannot remember how I achieved this. The other functions were still not working. So, I installed again drivers, utils and so on. After that, same result. I.e. not working.

I keep trying.

If you have another advice it is most welcome. Thanks again for your help.

Have a nice Eastern.


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